Photography Tips, How To Take Better Photos (Always Updating)

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Photography Tips

Hey Guys hope these photography tips help out, and if you think i missed any leave a comment below and yours could be up here :D

(1) My Third Leg

This is a no brainer said in every article about photography know to man (so let’s get it out of the way early XD) A tripod or a mono-pod can greatly increase sharpness and image quality by reducing camera movement and vibrations.

(2) Manual White Balance

A lot of photographers use auto white balance thinking it will automatically give them the Warmth or cool-ness that they desire, this is not the case. Photos taken with auto white balance can very easily turn out plain and un-interesting, sure we can fix that in Photoshop but should we? why not just set the white balance a bit below or above 5000 for some right out of the cam awesomeness, this way you can choose a cold or warm look to accentuate your subject.

(3) Move in don’t zoom in

There are three reasons for this,

  1. when you move in closer you never know what you’re going to find that you wouldn’t have other wise,
  2. The Camera wont take its best images at your lenses furthest focal Length,
  3. and the main reason is that to zoom in your aperture number must increase, for your aperture number to increase your shutter number must decrease, when your shutter number decreases so can image quality (all not good for low lighting.)

See even if your lazy like me it’s probably a better idea to move in.

(4) Let Photoshop Crop

Pretty self-explanatory, it is better to have more photo to crop then less photo to work with (that’s how photos are ruined,) It took a long time of small failures for this to be droned into my head but now no worries.

(5) Observe the lighting

You can rely on the light meter all you want but it will never truly be correct, this is why you should take the camera away from your eye every once in a while to see the lighting. Moving the camera to the right or left will do more to prevent blown out whites and distracting background contrast then trying every metering mode and failing.

(6) Which mode

Which mode you have your camera set to can greatly affect your images, the three main modes are,

  1. Aperture priority allows you to set the aperture to what ever you want, leaving your shutter to adjust automatically to what the lighting requires (Good in high light, bad in low light.)
  2. Shutter priority allows you to set the shutter to what ever you want, leaving your aperture to compensate for lighting changes (bad if you want to choose your Depth of field)
  3. Manual allows you to set everything, daunting for those just starting out but it is the best way to learn (i always use manual.)

(7) Vertically

Three years ago i was at the zoo talking to a fellow photographer when someone came up to him and asked “how do i take photo’s like that” to which he replied “your camera can take photo’s vertically to”, lol, This really got me thinking about how lazy photographers get along the way, give a kid a camera and they will shoot every side of the story, give an adult the camera and they will only shoot their side.

(8) Always Shoot RAW

RAW files don’t compress information, so the image quality will be greater than that of a JPEG, for more information visit RAW vs JPEG.


The importance of a good background seems to be forgotten by a lot of photographers, but actually it can make or break an image. When looking for the right background go for something that will accent the foreground but not take away, look for something that tells the story as much as the foreground but doesn’t scream im over here (unless the story is in the background.)

(10)Watch out for that ISO

Something for you to remember, the higher the ISO the lesser the image quality, because of this fact I never go beyond 600 ISO unless I deeply need the photo.

(11)Plan for the day

Have you ever had an outing ruined because you didn’t plan for the day? I know I have and the same goes for a photography day. I do not mean to plan every detail I just mean the small things like packing an extra battery or memory card, sunscreen if its hot, rain coats and camera protection if its wet. Also think about who you bring with you, it will be hard to focus your camera if you are to focused on your children (you can take photos of them anytime.)

(12) Omega of sharpness

If you want the absolute omega of sharpness get a tripod, put your shutter above 200, your iso on 100, Don’t zoom in, use the mirror lock up with a count down timer or remote shooting device, aperture around f8, shoot in raw mode, choose the metering you think best and use auto focus.

(13) Fundamentals

One thing that should be said is that a good knowledge of fundamentals will do more for you then any of these tips ever will.


I hope these photography tips helped out :D

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  1. Megumi says:

    Interesting post! still learning photography and it helps alot! thanks so much :)
    I recently got an intuos tablet and the post about blending really helps. i went through many youtube videos and they do not go into details

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