How To Prime A Board

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Board is a great surface to work on, its durable, hard, flat, textured and you wont be able to stab through it with a palette knife (you live and you learn) this is how to prime a board.

Things you will need to prime a board

how to prime a board

  1. Mdf board or hardboard (which lasts longer) can be picked up at most good hardware stores, alternatively you can prime any sturdy pores surface, some people even use aluminum (aluminum must be heavily sanded and textured first for the acrylic gesso to hold!)
  2. Three choices for primer, artist quality gesso which can come from any art shop, house and ceiling paint, just make sure its flat acrylic low gloss and will last a while (its what i use and its a lot cheaper) lastly recipes that you can find on the internet (i suggest the first two lol.)
  3. A good soft broad brush to apply the gesso, just keep in mind different brushes and palette knifes can give different textured effects (i use artist quality gesso with impasto medium if i want me some texture effects.)
  4. A heavy grit sandpaper block is desperately needed,
  5. A fine grit sand paper block is also desperately needed, both of which can be picked up at any hardware store.
  6. A jug or bowl of water is used to house and water down the brush
  7. (optional) some cardboard to put under your board (Less cleanup and reusable)
  8. lastly some rags (its about to get messeyer then a bathroom at a strip club)

Its business time

Step 1

Wear something that can get wrecked or wear nothing at all, either way is good, Make sure you have a good layout going so you don’t end up spilling things that shouldn’t be spilled, if you don’t trust yourself and you cant handle the odor of the paint try to do it out side (maybe not if your nude.)

Step 2

Sand the front, back and side surfaces with a heavy grit sand paper block, this will get rid of scratches and help with primer cohesion, then brush the dust off with a damp rag.

Un-Sanded Corner


Step 3

Pick the side that you want to paint on and put it facing down (you must gesso the back first to reduce warping and to better seal the board) then put your brush in the bowl of water.

how to prime a board

Step 4

Put the gesso on the board any way that you want it (we will be sanding it down anyway) Just remember that step 5 has to be very soon after.

how to prime a boardhow to prime a board

Step 5

Drain your brush a little and fan out the gesso until a thin layer is covering that side of the board, if need be add a little bit more gesso and fan out in that direction. If you did a nice even thin coat it should take around 8-15 minuets to dry. If you want to paint on both sides do Step 6 to 8 for both.

Step 6

Flip over the board, Step 6 is the same as step 5 and 4, but this time when you put the gesso on fan it all out in one direction, then another 10 to 20 minuets of drying.

Step 7

Sand the primed surface in a circular motion (wax on wax off) with the heavy grit to remove scratches and texture.

Step 8

Step 8 is the same as step 6 but this time make the gesso a little thinker and go across the direction that you painted to create a criss cross pattern (this is for you anal artists out there) it will take longer to dry this time 30 to 50 min.

how to prime a board

Step 9

Its sanding time once again, circular motions with the heavy grit and then circular motions with the fine grit. You may not have to do a third layer,
this all depends on how thick you have made the coats and if  you plan to have the primed surface visible.

how to prime a board

(Bonus Tip)

Having a priming day is a lot easier then going back and forward between priming and painting


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